My Work!

Front End Landing Page

A rather pretty website I made for my client. I believe it is based on one of Wordpress professional templates. Was fun to recreate and test my abilities! It uses Javascript ES6 template literals, allowing the client to make changes in one short text file instead of getting lost in a huge .html!


A refined PSD to HTML website I developed for one of my clients. It is fully responsive and it's elements adapt to all screen sizes. So far, I think it is my prettiest page. Designer did a great work!

Dog Shop Landing Page

A quick landing page, made and designed by me for practice. It's responsive, uses Bootstrap, jQuery and SCSS. Looks well in my opinion and it has many pictures of happy dogs, so feel free to see it.

Jewellery Shop

A quick showcase of using Three.js to preview 3D models of items in online shops. Allows changes to the model in real time, thus letting a potential customer pick and preview different versions of the product. Its responsive and shows only images if user's browser doesn't support WebGL.

Cats service

This is an exemplary, pretty, landing page, made in Html5, CSS3 with the Bootstrap library. It is fully responsive and adapts to all screen sizes.

Movie Preview

This is a Movie Search web application, I made from scratch in March 2018. It uses Node JS with Express for the backend, along with OMDb API for film information.

Click to see your favorite movies!

Sci-fi Scene

After learning 3D graphics, and acquiring new skills & tools I decided to test my skills in WebGL/Three.js. A sweet sci-fi scene came out as the result!


This is a prototype of a Three.js, javascript, online, multiplayer 3D game. It's not a great game (yet!), but showcases network communication, and website 3D graphics.

Godrays Scene

A simple 3D WebGL Three.js scene I made, implementing postprocessing effects using custom shaders, such as volumetric lighting (godrays) and scene color adjustments.

Image Gallery

This is another exemplary, landing page, made with Bootstrap. This time for an image gallery website. It is fully responsive and adapts to all screen sizes.

Radio Site

A Web page, converted from PSD file to HTML, with an audio player, that I made for a client. It is fully responsive and adapts to all screen sizes.

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